Facility Manager Guide for Best Practices

Guide for Facility Management

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Duties of Facility Manager

Gauge your Site Health in 5 Minutes

Critical Equipment Performance Monitoring

FM Technical Aspects

4 Easy Steps to adopt FM Tech

Four easy steps for facility managers master digital FMTech.

First 100 days as Facility Manager

Procurement in Facility Mangement

Measuring and Improving Facility Management

Developing Facility Management Strategy

The purpose of facility management best practices is to improve the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business. FM strategy ethos is measured in results against key performance indicators. A good FM strategy should touch below 4 aspects :

  1. Financial:- Value of money delivery, the economics of operations
  2. Customers & Stakeholders:- Customer experience, how stakeholders can contribute to your FM strategy
  3. Operational Excellence:- Employee Satisfaction and effectiveness of operations
  4. Innovation & Learning:- Continual Learning and Innovation is critical.



How to maintain Asset Registers

Planned Preventive Maintenance

Kaizen CAFM as Game Changer


Housekeeping and Soft Services

HVAC Maintenance

Fire Services

Residential Community Management System

Maintenance, Electricity, Gas and Rental Billing

Helping Videos for Facility Managers

Facility Management System Videos